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April 1, 2020 


WestOak Industries will remain open during the current COVID-19 crisis to manufacture key components and assemblies which support our many customers in essential industrial segments all across our economy. With over 45 years expertly serving a myriad of customers, quality is the foundation of our business!   We provide solutions for our clients as a partner and extension of your organization. Quick turn Engineering prototypes are no problem as well as PCB assembly in full production at highly competitive pricing. 

Please let us know what WestOak can do for you and your company during this challenging time we all face for our nation and for the world.   Stay safe!

March 22, 2020

To: All WestOak Industries customers

Subject: Coronavirus Update


As COVID‐19 continues to spread across the nations and global community, WestOak is taking multiple steps to ensure that our operations and services continue at the highest level possible for our customers. Our commitment is strong to ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers and partners.


We have our Management Team working on continually updating company policies and coordinating infection prevention measures to ensure we are in full compliance with the guidance provided by the World Health Organization and governmental and regulatory authorities.


In addition to this, we are:

  • Educating our team on current information and news as it is released.

  • Limiting all nonessential business travel.

  • Deploying clear directives on employee self‐isolation, covering all possible circumstances.

  • Implementing a higher level of cleaning across our workstations and facility.

  • Encouraging the use of digital technology for communication on and off the premises.

  • Communicating virus prevention messages.


As the current situation is constantly evolving, we will be continually updating our guidelines and policies to

ensure the best interests of our employees and our customers.



Andrew Moreland – COO

WestOak Industries, Inc


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