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About us

WestOak Industries was founded in 1973 by a former Bell Labs electrical engineer. Since then the Company has grown to over 14,000 feet of efficient manufacturing space with the latest equipment and manufacturing techniques to provide the highest quality circuit boards and electronic assemblies. Additional manufacturing space has been added in 2013 to house our second full SMT line.

Traditionally, WestOak has been a high mix, lower volume provider of ECM services. With the addition of a second SMT line we can fulfill the customer’s needs throughout the entire life cycle of the product, from inception and prototype through the high volume production needs of a highly successful product.


Quality Management System

Quality is the foundation of our business. WestOak has implemented a very rigorous quality management system that our customer can rely upon to have their products built right the first time, every time. We are compliant with ISO-9001:2015  and AS9100:2016 at every stage of our processes from sourcing components to shipping the final assembled product to the customer.


  • ISO 9001:2015

  • AS9100:2016

  • IPC-610 Class II

  • J-STD-001 Certified Specialist Assemblers

Quality Control Practices

  • Incoming Material Inspection

  • In-Line Production Quality Control

  • Integrated First Article Inspection

  • Document Control - Strict ECO process

  • Manual and Automated Inspection

  • X-Ray Inspection

  • In-Line Solder Paste Inspection

  • Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Control

  • Finished Quality Control

Manufacturing Facility

WestOak Industries is located in Erick, Oklahoma. Our facility is efficiently laid out and is outfitted with the latest equipment from best in class manufacturers. We have a skilled and IPC trained workforce to shepherd your products through the entire life cycle from prototype to higher volume production needs.

WestOak Industries Capabilities

  • SMT Capabilities

    • 2 fully automated high speed SMT production lines

    • Up to 25,000 CPH placement capability

    • 01005 Capable

    • Ball Grid Array

    • Package on Package

    • CSP and QFP

    • Screen Printers with Automated Vision capability

    • 2D Solder Paste Inspection

  • Separate SMT line for prototype production

  • De-Ionized H20 Board cleaning, wash, and rinse

    • No-Clean processing

  • Automated Optical Inspection

    • 2 complete systems with side vision

  • First Article Inspection Regimen

  • X-Ray Inspection

  • In-circuit and Functional Testing

  • Wave and Manual Soldering for Through-Hole components

  • Conformal Coating

  • Complete Potting Capability

  • Mechanical Assembly

  • Cabling and Wiring

  • Complete Enterprise Resource Planning System

Westoak team

Soundboard Repair
Brian Perkins




Andrew Moreland


Chief Operations Officer

Deanna Moore

Chief Financial Officer

Gail Pritchard


Sales Representative  

Stephanie Pennington



Electronic Circuit
Keith Knight

Director of Quality

Why Westoak industries

Our goal is to build it right the First Time, Every Time, and On Time.


First Time – WestOak expects to see less than 0.5% of sales each month as returned product. Our 2021 Average was 0.1125% of Sales in Returned product.


Every Time – WestOak intends to build all products correctly, expecting less than 3 RMA’s per month for returns that were due to a potential production problem.  Of all boards built in 2021, only 0.00446% was returned with process related issues.


On Time – WestOak’s goal is to ship everything On Time to our customers, based on mutually agreed upon dates.   In 2021 we were on time 96.6% of the time.


Regarding our workforce, on the production floor our employees have a combined 167 years of experience with the average being 12 years of service per employee, in both thru hole and SMT areas.

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